Crypto Awareness at 76% in Spain – Survey

A survey has found that 76% of Spaniards surveyed know about cryptocurrencies – and almost a third know the details of how tokens are regulated in the country.

The study was carried out by Spain’s market regulator, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), in conjunction with the data compiler Análisis e Investigación. As part of their study, the bodies spoke to 1,500 16- to 70-year-olds in the country between May and June of this year.

The survey also paints a familiar picture of a typical domestic crypto investor: Most of those who say they invest in crypto are college educated (nearly half) , middle class (64%), earning more than $3,000 a month (41%) and male (66%). And more than a third are between the ages of 35 and 44, with an average age of 38 years and seven months.

Nearly half of investors said they had put less than 5% of their total capital in crypto, although a sizable minority (4.5%) said they had invested half or more. your value into bitcoin (BTC) and other tokens.

More than 1 in 10 men surveyed said they are crypto investors, along with more than 3% of women.

Regarding regulation, 32% said they were “aware of the current situation in crypto regulation and supervision.” But almost half of the people say they don’t understand the problem. And the remaining 20% ​​said they believe some regulations were in place – although they are unsure of their nature.

There are also fascinating geographical insights: Nearly a quarter of crypto investors are based in the capital, Madrid, with a large number of investors also living in Catalonia and the traditionally wealthy Valencia region . But there’s also a surprising result: 14% of investors are residents of the southern region of Andalusia, which has historically been the poorest region of Spain.

Source: CNMV
Source: CNMV

Among non-investors, men are more likely to know about cryptocurrencies than women, the survey found – but knowledge doesn’t really differ across age groups. Nearly a third of respondents confirmed that they first heard about coins from family members and friends.

For the regulator, however, the level of public awareness in crypto regulation makes something desirable. CNMV wrote:

Forty percent of those surveyed said they remember warnings about cryptocurrencies and were issued by the Bank [central] of Spain, the government, the European Central Bank or the CNMV .