First Rugpull on Aptos? Aptos chimpanzee is reported to be exhausted

The move is small enough to be interpreted as legal but big enough to put the community in a competitive position.

Just as the weekend was about to begin, crypto Twitter sounded the alarm about a possible scam on Aptos.

A relatively new blockchain environment known as “Solana’s killer,” Aptos is a Layer 1, PoS blockchain built by two former developers from Diem Group, Mo Shaikh and Avery Chang. The pair are said to have worked on the development of Libra/Diem, Meta’s now defunct stablecoin project.

Although Mr. Diem was suspended due to regulatory pressure – who worried that allowing Meta to create its own currency could cause monopoly problems – the two developers are said to have seen potential. skills in the technology they worked on and chose to continue the project on their own, eventually creating Aptos.

The original $12 million was supposed to dry up

In a Twitter post by D3gens.apt, a fan page for the Aptos community, alarmed at the potential depletion of 1.5 million APT tokens by AptosChimps, another NFT project looking to leverage both The popularity of Bored Apes and the hype factor of a new blockchain.

The project reportedly promises to provide mints for free, paying only the gas fees required for minting. However, D3gens reported that the wallet connected to the AptosChimps project is said to have been drained of $12 million. A follow-up video warning users not to interact with the project was also posted to YouTube a few hours later, though it’s unclear if the two are connected.

The video explaining the chain of transactions is said to have received alarm bells. It also shows that the Aptos Chimp wallet receives gas fees for the free minting process sending a large portion of the coins to another wallet with ongoing transactions, which is said to be an exchange wallet.

Total consumption is smaller than initially believed

Although the original tweet claimed 1.5 million APT – Aptos’ native token – had been withdrawn from the wallet, for a total of around $12.6 million, a subsequent update fixed the error, saying on In fact, only about 4-5 thousand APTs are sucked up.

This amount only adds up to a few tens of thousands – which can be interpreted as necessary to cover operating costs, build collateral to secure the project, or for other completely legitimate reasons.

However, the event serves as a reminder to the blockchain community at large to watch out for confusing projects. If large, verified projects like Harmony, Phantom, and others can fall victim to the bad guys, over-zealous investors are likely to follow.

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