OutSad Launches Expressive NFT to Explore the Metaverse

OutSad has launched a unique collection of NFTs designed to help metaverse explorers express their emotions. Realizing the limitations of interpreting social cues in virtual environments, OutSad includes a series of mood-changing characters that can accompany their owners as they roam parallel universes.

The culmination of 700 days of work, OutSad NFTs were created by a collective of artists who developed more than 3,000 original manuscripts and 4,500 material models. It takes hundreds of refactorings to complete 5,000 unique NFT assets. Each NFT exists on the Ethereum blockchain, where they can be used to manipulate a variety of super islands and virtual worlds.

OutSad Launches Expressive NFT to Explore the Metaverse 1

The NFT collection is inspired by the static design of current PFP collections and recognizes that these collections do not reflect the personality of their owners. With most NFTs being given to their buyers at random after “reveal”, owners will end up with a character that bears little resemblance to their own. OutSad NFTs are intended to reflect any subtle emotional and mood swings, and to adapt as their owners make in-game choices that will shape their fate.

In addition to acting as PFPs that can be used as badges, avatars, and profile pictures, OutSad NFTs act as membership badges. These offer a variety of features and benefits, starting with joining the fledgling OutSad ecosystem. As this evolves over time, the community will be able to unlock new worlds and additional features.

OutSad Launches Expressive NFT to Explore the Metaverse 2

More than just an NFT project, OutSad encourages innovation rooted in an autonomous space where communities can generate new ideas and harness collective decision-making. OutSad NFTs grants owners a worldwide license to use, reproduce, and display purchased work, along with any extensions they choose to use, meaning that every owner owns individual commercial rights.

About OutSad

OutSad is a community-centric NFT project that advocates the feeling of flipping and playing over profit. Each highly expressive character is designed to reflect different aspects of the owner’s personality. As they move through the emerging metaverse ecosystem, the OutSad PFP will act as the user’s doppelganger, regardless of their mood.

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