What is CryptoWallCity ($CWC)? All information about the CryptoWallCity project

CryptoWallCity is a community project launched in December 2021, with a team of experienced developers in the cryptocurrency market.

The proof is that they have cherished and launched the CryptoWallCity project with the purpose of connecting and developing a growing community. CWC project have website and social networks that keep up to date with news, project reviews and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

With the mission of connecting the community, and acting as a bridge between potential projects and users, CryptoWallCity understands the importance of the community to the project. Therefore, CryptoWallCity always puts the interests of the community first.


What is CryptoWallCity ($CWC)?

CryptoWallCity is built on top of Binance smart chain with super fast 5 seconds block time and cheaper gas fee than Ethereum. We provide the platform with CWC Protocol, CWC Token.

Why did CryptoWallCity choose the Binance Smart Chain network?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was developed as a vehicle using solidity-based smart contracts with much higher speed and efficiency than other competing chains. With decentralized exchanges on BSC, offering lightning-fast swaps and extremely low fees, BSC has started to become one of the most widely used blockchains for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Advantages of Binance Smart Chain:

  • This is a proprietary blockchain, which will provide privacy and security
    safe for all users and developers.
  • Its native dual-chain interoperability will allow cross-chain to communicate and scale high-performance dApps that require fast and smooth user experiences.
  • It is EVM compatible and will support all existing Ethereum engines along with faster and cheaper transactions. Its on-chain governance with Proof of Staked Authority consensus, built on 21 validators validating transactions, will provide decentralization and allow significant community participation.

The goal of CryptoWallCity


CryptoWallCity is decentralized and supported by the community. We encourage communication, trust and transparency with the community as the long-term development direction of the project.


In the Cryptocurrency market, trust is paramount. That means complete transparency not only in the community and development but also in crypto institutions. CWC project will be audited by a third-party financial institution. In addition, we will burn and lock the majority of LP tokens. There is no Rug Pull here.


CryptoWallCity is one of the growing and most loved projects of the crypto community, we believe that only together can we be strong. CWC project tries to bring information about the cryptocurrency market reaches people from all over the world. We have many channels to send telegrams to the international community. Let $CWC token be a part of you.


CryptoWallCity is the project of the future. We focus on the decentralized community to promote and adopt the long-term development of the ecosystem and the platform.

CWC Protocol

CWC Fund

We will deduct part of profits from CryptoWallCity community activities and affiliate marketing profits to create CWC Fund:

  • 70% we will use to redeem CWC tokens for perpetual burning.
  • 20% of us will invest in potential platform projects.
  • 10% we will invest in Pre-Sell projects and Low Cap projects.

Buy Back & Burn

30% profit of CWC fund invested in platform projects, presale and low cap projects, we will use it to buy back $CWC tokens and burn them forever.


  • 70% of the total supply was burned.
  • 4% will be burned forever with each transaction.


CWC- Tokenomics
CWC- Tokenomics


CryptoWallCity - Roadmap
CWC- Roadmap


We have provided you with detailed information about the CryptoWallCity ($CWC) project. Let’s learn and evaluate the project to make the best investment decision, good luck!!!